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 Our company focus on getting Getting people to make healthier choices thereby living life to the fullest through Preventive health service which is one of our passions.
For the past 8years, we have given a series of health talks thereby creating awareness to different audiences across Lagos, State Nigeria.

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Dr Ekaete Aniekan Etiebet, President Quality In Service Intercontinental Ltd a Public Health Professional.

A Graduate of College of Medicine University of Calabar,  Cross River State and I have a Masters Of Public Health Degree from The School of Post Graduate Studies University of Lagos, Lagos state, Nigeria.

Over the years, I have worked in several Medical Outfits such as Military Hospital Mobil Clinic, Fidelity Bond Clinic, and presently for myself.

Currently, I am the President of QUALITY IN SERVICE INTERCONTINENTAL Limited (QISI). QISI HEALTH SERVICES is one of the subsidiaries of QISI Limited. We help create Health Awareness among individuals and providing Quality Health Services to health conscious individuals in areas of Consultation, Health Seminars, Managing illnesses with Diets and Medical Tourism.

I love reading, cooking, and solving puzzles.


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Dr Ekaete Aniekan Etiebet CEO QISI Ltd http://www.quisilimited.com

Our Values

Interactively redefine economically sound services whereas

Our Vision

To be preferred provider of healthy consumable products worldwide by 2025

Our Mission

To be the preferred provider of affordable healthy foods and other consumables to health-conscious customers towards their satisfaction and organisational sustainability

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